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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  August 24, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levey. time to check in with dave smith at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the big show, hillary clinton tells jimmy kimmle she is in perfect health. but that's probably the concussion talking. and donald trump says he will get 95% of the black vote. 1% down, 94% to go. and finally roman noodles are the preferred currency in prison making it the only place joe devito can have a girlfriend. back to you. >> thanks, dave. let's welcome our guests. her website is the libertarian i assume she is voting for
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gary johnson. it is columnist and author of the new book "government gone wild" kristen tate. and he is hair yes, -- harier than the cat lady's couch. and if there are more professors it may not have taken nine year to graduate. and he is halfway to making his dream joining a zz top cover band a reality. next to me it is comedian joseph devito. let's start the show. last night hillary clinton appeared on "jimmy kimmel live." she really be a third term of obama. it was there hillary faced her toughest opponent yet, a jar of pickles. >> can you open this jar of pickles? this has not been tampered with. [applause].
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[applause]. >> the pickle stunt wasment to quell rumors that hillary can't open a jar of pickles. but it was not just hillary performing feats of strength, but it was the 15,000 e-mails found by the fbi. >> my e-mails are so boring. i am embarrassed about that. they are so boring. we released, i don't know, 30,000 plus. what's a few more? >> okay. let's pretend we are at a jewish deli and start with the pickles. of course the pickle jar was pre ep oned. it was a set up. >> i worked on "jimmy kimmel live" its launch year and i can tell you he would never pull that crap on america, never in a million years. he was probably hoping she couldn't open it. >> i don't believe you. >> i'm sticking with that. >> john, it is a given that presidential candidates -- it
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is a legitimate concern if they are in their late 60s and early 70s, but we moved into conspiracy theory their tore with hill -- territory with hillary, haven't we? >> with regan who was around the same age, now it seems that because people color their hair more and because of the ways we look at these things, we don't spontaneously process her as old as she is. it is actually a stunt to think about are you healthy when you are that age? think of the golden girls and what they looked like. those were women in their 50s. "hot in cleveland" was about women about 50 had not a gray hair in it. what an older person -- notice i didn't say woman, but an older person looks like now is different than it used to be. she is particularly 70. it is worth bringing up. i find it interesting. >> are you now satisfied that
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hillary's health is now not an issue and can you put it to bed? >> this was a totally stupid political stunt. you know what, andy? pickles is what old people eat. watching her bony old hands wrap around a pickle jar was disgusting. it was like watching mr. burns from the simpsons open a pickle jar. the other thing i noticed when you watch this video and you listen closely, the pickle jar didn't pop when she opened it. i guarantee you they opened it in advance. she didn't even open the pickle jar. >> we have pickle truthers. >> i love pickles. >> you are an old man apparently. >> i think what you said was vaguely anti-sametic. i'll let it go. >> pickle-gate. >> would hillary beat new one of those strong man competitions? >> i am surprised she didn't open her usual way which is shattering the glass with the sound of her voice. that's more effective for
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her. she looked like she was ready to blackout with the pre opened jar of pickles there. i think it is completely reasonable to ask about a candidate's health. you mentioned the golden girls. betty white is the only golden girl alive still. it is like that show is cursed. let's move on to her e-mail joke. i try not to be you shouldn't joke about that kind of person which some people are. honestly i don't blame hillary for joking about it and i don't blame kimmel. come on. she sits there and says they have 30,000. what is 15,000 more? that's 15% of what was released. that's not a few more. >> you know you have to walk in people's shoes and think about the valleys that they fit in. frankly if i was her, that's what i would have said. i don't know what else i as a rational human being would have said. gotta give it to her.
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>> i see what you mean. there is something there and it was a sloppy thing to do and i doubt it was ma -- malevolent, but it was sloppy. what was she going to say? we have to figure what is going on? she had to save her skin. >> i don't blame her or kimmel. the thing is she hasn't done a press conference since 1942. she can go on kimmel and make jokes because she is not taking serious questions from the press. am i right, dan? >> you got me thinking. you have gone through the trouble of opening the pickle jar, but then you don't go in and take a pickle jar? a pickle out of the jar? she didn't eat the pickle. what does that tell america? >> it is very suspicious, andy. they should have made her open a jar of fluff. fluff is delicious. it is a good metaphor for hillary. all of our ideas are fluffy and there is no meat there. >> fluff is what young people eat. >> nobody made a hillary is in a pickle joke.
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>> she looks pickled. >> the e-mails though. >> it is crazy the way this whole thing is treated with a lack of seriousness. let's all joke about the e-mails and laugh. if donald trump or any other republican had any kind of scandal like this, they would -- no one would be joking about it. they would have been out of the race months ago. the lack of seriousness that they are treating this with is astonishing. >> it is the idea if you are explaining you are losing. i think that she and her husband are certainly fans of that. it is an effective political strategy. she is not going to give a 1942 press conference. if you are explaining, you are losing. a lot of politicians get away with that. >> if donald trump hid 30,000 e-mails it will be the least interesting thing he has done. >> it is true. >> can't argue with that. >> is "fight song" becoming the please take my life song?
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for hillary clinton staffers ers and journalists attending her rally the pre-anthem fight song is almost more annoying than she is herself. we are about to play a portion of the song. feel free to hit mute for a few seconds. >> ♪ this is my fight song ♪ take my back song ♪ prove we're all right song ♪ >> all right, now that your ears are bleeding here is what some people are saying. clinton's 2008 political director says somebody help me. i can't get "fight song" out of my head. the daily beast tweets if i hear "fight song" one more time i am joining isis. and yahoo! news reports that some hillary staffers decline to give an assessment of the song for fear of being disciplined. to sum up, the clinton campaign is trying to brain wash you into joining isis. i think that's a fair summary. in the green room you were humming this song nonstop of i
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guess you are a fan. >> i was not humming that >> a chimpanzee after it bit off somebody's face could write that song by accident. it is the harmonic equivalent of dish water. i doubt hillary clinton chose it, but it is like the miller time song. it is an accidental -- i would rather listen to a silverware drawer fall down the stairs. that's my verdict on it. >> the good thing for republicans is they don't have this problem because every time they play a song the artist asks them not to. >> they have to keep rotating. >> it is beneficial to them. >> this is one of the songs where it is in the weird realm of a you go girl-type song. is this a feminist anthem or a yoga commercial? am i empowered or pro-by yot particular? it is the kind of songs you hear in the background when you are shopping at khol's.
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you say i can use the 30% off coupon. >> are we a bunch of olds who don't get your music? >> i actually did not like the song before, but knowing that it is played at hillary clinton rallies makes me dispies every second of it. i hope they keep playing this thing over and over up until election day. i hope it drives these staffers crazy and i hope it haunts their dreams. i am glad it makes them miserable because hillary clinton is making us miserable. play this song over and over. >> wow. >> one anonymous staffer on hillary's campaign actually claimed to like this song for real. fight song is an anthem. "fight song" is a way of effing life. should this person be sent to gitmo? >> and for forced to eat a pickle. absolutely. hillary and trump should agree that it is the end of the world as we know it should be
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both of their theme songs and that will be that. >> can i just say the amount of money i would have lost on betting this was a katy perry song is staggering. i just found out this is not katy perry. >> katy perry sounds like black sabath. >> that is a deeply inferior piece of music. >> the song was in the ford commercial a bunch before this. so it got in you well before. >> is that where people are driving off cliffs? >> the last thing i have to say about this is i wish the first rule of "fight song" is you do not play" fight song." moving on. it takes a lot to make mike pence giggle. actually, i don't know that. during an interview on "fox and friends" he warned about the old claim of black voters in 2020 prompting a gufaw from pence. >> donald trump is telling the
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african-american community that i am the guy for you and by 2020 he said he will have 95% of the african-american support. why are you laughing? >> that's donald trump. >> here is what trump said last friday. >> at the end of four years i guarantee you that i will get over 95% of the african-american votes. i promise you. i will produce for the inner city expiz will produce for the african-americans. >> earlier in that rally prum p outlined why the minorities should vote for him in november. >> what the hell do you have to lose? >> john, i go to you first for no particular reason. >> it is a random -- >> i roll the di and you came up first. >> what the hell do you have
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to lose? >> to be honest if this were a different election and the republican were not him, there would be some sense there. there was an election where i proudly voted for nader because i thought gore was not gad or interesting enough -- good or interesting enough for whatever this color i am. but what is really insulting about trump is that this is the african-american. i am a crusader against oversensitivity, but the distancing makes it sound like black people are in a zoo. just say african-americans and don't make it clear how separate you feel. >> is that an age thing? >> it is a little age and it is a little lack of sensitivity. there are worse sins. i am somebody who hates this overly pc culture we are in. it shuts me down. >> i will go to the millennial. >> i am very offended. >> to me i think trump -- when trump said he is getting 95%
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of the black vote he is being uncharacteristically modest there. he didn't say 100%. >> you're right. in all seriousness, at least trump is going after the black vote and some don't bother. when trump does something he goes big. you can aim for 95% and maybe you get 20%. >> didn't he guarantee 95%? over 95%? >> he said he thinks. i'm just happy he is going after the black vote. republicans need to do it because they have the winning message for a lot of minority communities. this is really a story about media bias. the media is blowing this pence giggle out of proportion. he was just giggling because he admires trump's hootzpah. >> you may be right. >> he may not get 95% of the black vote in 2020, but do you think can he get 9.5%?
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2016? >> can we pause for a moment? the beauty he is talking about the 2020 election. he is not even talking about this election. he is talking about the election coming up after this which is fantastic. who knows within the next four years that we may all be on hover crafts crafts and jet packs and a force coming a ever. i think he will get more of the black vote than people are expecting him to get. will he crack double digits? that's going to be the question. 95 is a double-digit for this election. i'm going to go with the under. >> he is pulling in about 8%. >> you were an african-american studies major according to what i just read. break this down for us. i think what he was getting at -- let me just talk about
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pence's laugh for a second. that's the laugh of someone who for like the hundredth time they got a call that their drunk uncle showed up to work with no pants again. they are like that's my drunk uncle. what are you gonna do? it is either that or just start sobbing. that's what the media has touched on. >> pence is acting like this is a wacky summer job he will look on. >> what do you think pence gets out of it? do you think he runs in 2020? i a -- i apologize. >> are you saying president trump will modestly turnover the acceptance? >> you are all underestimating trump. i can't wait to see the look on your faces when he gets 95% of the black vote. >> in 2020. >> in 2020.
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>> how about 2016? >> probably a low percentage because right now the black vote is being fed liberal ideology day in and day out by the liberal media. they need four years to see what trump can do for them and if he delivers he will get the vote. >> i need to let dan respond to that. >> you know, back in college -- >> john go ahead. with my friend glen lowry we do blogging heads. if trump made a series of proposals to the black community and you can imagine him doing it. i can imagine him making three or four solid proposals and i think a lot of ordinary black people would listen. the style would resonate with a lot of black people. there is a certain pundiocisy. it would not happen because the smart people would think it is their job to have black people not listen to trump no
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matter what he said. that's the truth of the matter. i don't think trump would say those things. if he did he would be shot down. >> it is a lose-lose for republicans. i. >> especially this year and with him. >> it is time to take a break. someone created a hash tag on twitter and someone else was offended by it. the shocking story. you are watching "red eye" on fnc. stick around.
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this is a fox news alert. i'm jackie ibanez in new york. rescue crews are digging through the rubble looking for survivors following the very powerful and deadly earthquake in central italy. you are looking at live video there. it is 9:21 in the morning and
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you can see just the devastation. the epicenter of the 6.1 magnitude quake is just northeast of rome, about 80 miles outside of rome. the quake is blamed for 11 deaths, but the number could rise as they sift through the rubble. the rescue crews are aided by bulldozers as you can see there as they rush to find survivors. it is not known just yet how many people might be buried in all of that rubble or how widespread the damage is across central italy. the hardest hit towns are amatrice and akmoli. the mayor said the town is not here anymore. chilling words from the mayor will italy is prone -- italy is prone to strong earthquakes. a pair of tremors in northern italy killed dozens of people and in 2009 an earthquake a magnitude 6.3 hit central italy killing 295.
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this magnitude is anywhere from 6.1 to 6.2 to put it into perspective. amy kellogg is on her way to the quake scene and joins us now live on the phone. amy, what can you tell us? where are you and what are you seeing? >> reporter: jackie, i am about an hour away so i am not seeing anything yet connected to the earthquake. i have seen the images that you have in the media and that does include the heavy machinery being used in the search and rescue efforts. but there are also people digging with their hands, priests and town residents trying to help in anyway they can. i think the death toll is 11 as it stands. it could be as high as 13 at this moment. i am reading similar reports there too. this took place in the middle of the night.
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people don't have the time to react as they would if they were wide awake. it is dramatic the destruction that was done and clearly as the morning comes we will have a better extent on the damage and how many were killed or injured by this massive earthquake that included several aftershocks. >> can you tell us a little about the landscape and how populated the area is? i know one of the worst hit areas is the one on the left side of the screen. amatrice. can you tell us about that area? does it have the narrow, small streets that you see over italy? >> well it is ab -- it is an ancient town and it is most widely known for a popular pasta dish which the origins
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are in amatrice, but it is not a town on the tourist track per say. i have not been there, but i'm assuming the streets are quite small. i will be there in the hour and can report in more detail. the other town that was hit was also small and not necessarily on the tourist path. we are hearing norce being hit and that is the home of an important monestary around the birthplace of saint benedict. there is a big benedict monestary there. while that took a hit there were not as far as we know any casualties or major damage and the basilica of st. francis of
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assisi was not damaged from this quake. it suffered from quakes in the past. so we are seeing his historic buildings with a lot of damage. these are small towns and probably somewhat difficult to access. they are not towns that are widely known and they draw large numbers of international travelers. >> i can't help but think how hard -- i was in italy a couple months ago and i can't imagine how hard it will be to get the equipment in there. they have big equipment on the left hand side. but there are a lot of people standing there and like you said, there are even priests digging with their hand to see what they can find. there is a report of a family of four, their parents and two children under the rubble of their home and no signs of life. it hit in the middle of the night when you are helpless
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and fast asleep. >> it is a difficult time because this is the peak of the holiday season. so many are on vacation. it is not easy to call up a complete emergency response team in this period wheretraditn august and people go away. that has changed in recent years. it does president empty out the way they used to. but it is still a tricky time. i have been told and i have been listening to the radio and as i travel given the history of earthquakes in central italy that fault line has caused dramatic earthquakes in central italy over the last at least century. the emergency response business here has become much more efficient and there were a lot of efforts to shore up
12:28 am
buildings they can earthquake proof, but the problem remains that there is access and while a lot of observances have been made skim prove meant have been made to the structure shoring up buildings there are lots of remote buildings that have not been it upped. and there is a bureaucracy that prevents the repairs and the reconstruction of towns that are happening at that massive earthquake so long ago. reconstruction has not occurred quickly enough. that's one of the issues that will be looked at carefully in the aftermath of this earthquake, jackie. >> a lot of these buildings are very old, ancient there in italy. they are already frail as it
12:29 am
is, let alone bring in the 6.1 or 6.2 earthquake and trying to deal with that and sort through the rubble. it is a dangerous time to be among all of those tall buildings and the buildings that are now crumbled that we are look at here. devastating scenes. it is something italy has seen before. there was a 6.3 magnitude earthquake that killed about 300 people at that time. this is a rough morning in italy. you are about an hour out? we have about 30 seconds, but did you feel anything? >> i didn't. i was on the other coast near tuscany and i didn't hear or feel anything. i woke up to the news. we will be back in touch with you soon when we get there. >> thank you, amy kellogg. stay safe and we will keep updates on what is happening in italy. "red eye" returns after the
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from dave smith over in the "red eye" news deck. how are you? >> good job on the first half. andy, you said hillary clinton said what is a few more e-mails after she released 30,000. 15,000 more would be another 50%. i looked it up and you are
12:34 am
correct. >> thank you. >> i panicked there for a minute. >> that was accurate. good job. you asked who reads slate? i wasn't able to find anyone. dan, you said you don't open a pickle jar and take a pickle jar. do you understand that's not how pickle jars work? >> you open it and then you take it. no? you are weird. >> agreed. you also -- sorry. my mistake. you said hillary clinton makes the golden girls look young. and then you said that wasn't because of the woman. >> i was thinking of hillary clinton with no gender at all
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as opposed to the golden girls. >> you can still be ageless. you do not like the way they used the word the. you love everything trump has said over the last year. >> that actually is not the most offensive thing he has said. i will openly admit. it it is the one where i didn't find myself thinking anybody who is bothered by this is taking him too seriously or over thinking it or why are we paying attention to him anyway? it gets under my skin. >> you didn't like when trump said the or the african-americans. you think donald trump can appeal to, quote, ordinary black people.
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>> i see what you mean and there was a part of me that was on-line thinking about it. black writers who don't get [bleep] like i do write ordinary black people all the time. i guess often they say folks. i don't say folks. i know what you mean. >> ordinary black people okay. the ordinary black people. >> andy, we were talking about the black vote and you went to john first and you said you were going for no particular reason. >> we don't believe you. >> i believe we have footage of me actually rolling a die to determine the question order. can we roll that please. apparently we do not have it. >> apparently all of the team is on vacation with tom right now. >> joe -- >> by the way, congrats on the
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release of your new album "ordinary black people." >> "the ordinary black people." trying to be edgy with that. joe you did great the whole first half. sorry about the insult at the beginning. tim wrote it. >> fair enough. i will beat you to death with my cane. >> nothing like a threat from a 50-year-old who pulled his back. >> you guys talked about the song "the fight song." it is terrible. you hated it and i wanted to defend the song. that's the "don't stop believing" at care karaoke. >> you are not comparing it to the song "don't stop believing." >> no, at karaoke. >> what else do we got here? >> no song is good at karaoke. >> i won't argue with you on that one.
12:38 am
>> you said # save seven films. you don't need to explain the hash tag. >> i realized you were doing half time and may not have picked up on it. >> thank you for throwing me that one. let me see. what else we got? andy you said trump sang 95% of the black vote is being modest. what do you think the actual per 10 is. i am surprised he didn't say 100% of. >> 100% would be modest. joe is take the under on trump getting 95% of the black vote. i just talked to vegas and they are not interested in that bet. >> sorry. would have made a killing on that. >> better luck in four years. >> you'll eat those words.
12:39 am
>> what percentage did obama get of the black vote? >> around 92. >> can you say black vote and not the black vote? >> from now on i will say the black vote. i will say the ordinary black vote. but when i say the ordinary black vote i will point out that john is not involved. >> can you stop saying you people? we would appreciate that. >> i think trump will get at least 95% of the ordinary people by 2020. let's see if i can get one more in here. golden girls ordinary black people. >> how great were the golden girls? >> there is a whole book about it now. >> i was paging through it at
12:40 am
a store. >> keep it up. thanks a lot, dave. thanks, andy. >> coming up, why is gandolf in the news? who cares? first, what is going on, kennedy. >> hey, "red eye" inmates, kt mcfarland tells me the latest threat to united these united states. and i have charles cook and dagin mcdowell and rambling rick. see you then.
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this is a fox news alert. i'm jackie ibanez in new york. a massive rescue operation under way across central italy. that's where a powerful earthquake hit about 3:30 local time. it is a short distance northeast of rome. here is what we know so far. the preliminary magnitude is between 6.1 and 6.2. at least 11 people are reported dead and that toll is likely to climb as rescuers claw through the rubble of homes where many people remain trapped. the mayor says there is nothing left and they report a family of four parents and their two children were buried under debris as they slept. so far there are no signs of life. another story from syria. the scene of a massive military operation targeting
12:45 am
islamic state militants. it is being lead by turkish forces with the help of american warplanes. the turkey state run news agency says it aims to clear the turkish-syrian border of, quote, terrorist organizations. after months of vowing to deport the 11 million people living in the u.s. illegally said he may, quote, soften his position he -- he made that comment in austin, texas. now he said he is not looking to hurt people. >> the wildfire along the coast is growing and threatening thousands of homes. 36 destroyed and fire officials say the flames are moving away from the his store hick -- historic hertz castle. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." log on to p you
12:46 am
are watching the most powerful name in news. that's the fog -- the fox newschannel. >> in 2013, master billionaire sean parker got married in a lord of the rings wedding that cost over $4 million. the wedding made headlines around the world. they were tea toured in -- featured in rich nerd magazine. now we are learning what is missing from the skeptical. gandolf didn't need the green. he explained to the daily mail recently i was of on erred one and a half million dollars to marry a famous couple in california but i had to go dressed as gandolf.
12:47 am
it was a token extravaganza. there was a feast laid out on a white fur and a pony. here is a photo. we couldn't afford to buy the photos of the wedding, but it probably looked like that. i am not a fantasy nerd. i never read "lord of the rings." i thought the movies were kind of boring. i think your elves and the riddles and the evil elves are stupid and you need to read science fiction and comic books. there. i said my peace. kristen, is it a deal breaker if your fiancee wanted gandolf to officiate your wedding? i have to be honest that i -- >> have i to be honest i have not seen the movies. my dad took me to see it in the drive in and we were asleep by minute 10. this guy is an idiot.
12:48 am
who would turn down $1.5 million to officiate a wedding. if they will gef me a hat and a beard i will dress up as gandolf. he is dumb for not taking it. >> all i got was you were a kid when the movies came out. >> report there 10 of them? >> does it prove that there is something too rich? i am talking about ian mc mckellan turning down $1.5 million. >> to spend that much on a wedding is not something i could imagine. some people like the festive more than others and if that is what you will blow the money on because you think it is special on the day that's how people get their jollies. sometimes he is not sure he deserves to be the actor of the stature he is.
12:49 am
i can imagine some of it does not take him that seriously. he wouldn't want to be part of it. they are british. they are generally less likely to make as big a deal as having your first wedding as americans are. >> your first wedding. >> would you dress up as gandolf for $1.4 million? >> i think you would mike a better froto. was that a hobbit? i was told to say that. i don't even know what it is. >> joe was in the movie and wearing the costumes. >> you don't have to pay me anything. >> yes, i would do that. >> joe, if you can have any fictional character in your wedding who would be it be? >> for me it would be a bride of some type. >> like a princess bride? >> a princess bride, yes. >> you know what would be great is after all of the hoopla they give her the ring and they would be like, we
12:50 am
don't have the ring. we don't have that part. a 9-foot cake, but nobody brought the ring. >> i have a quick ian mckellan story. i was taking a break working at the oscars and i was trying to find a spot to smoke a cigarette and found an area. i heard from behind me a british voice say you can't smoke there, dear boy. i turn around and it was ian mckellan with a young man as his partner explaining he was told you can't smoke there because the kitchen was right there. great story, andy. what is the new currency in prison? here is a hint. it is not low love.
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romain noodles are worth oodles. it has overtaken tobacco as the most popular currency behind bars. according to a new report cost-cutting measures lead to lower quality food and fewer meals making it a commodity. there is a book written by gustavo "goose" alvarez. here is a recipe. for a romain tau maly use canned pork and beans and ramain. they suggest soy sauce for
12:55 am
tear yaw key. we came up with other possible dishes. roman and shank dinner. cheesy romain 1k3 memories. and of course there is the get out of jail romain that includes romain noodles. it is expensive in prison i am told. the dishes go great with a nice, fruity glass of pruno. does it mean romain is the new black? there is a show on netflix. >> sorry. >> it will get you something in prison, but not everything. i am talking about you, goes.
12:56 am
you didn't want what i had. you didn't want the romain. >> it creeps me out how you weren't looking at the camera. we thought you were looking at the camera. this is creepy. >> are we on tv right now. >> prison is like college. everyone wants ramen. >> number one, ramen is awesome and i ate it for four years in college and part of my body is made of ramen. and for everyone using this story to say prisons are under funded, i say shut all of the prisons down and send them down to sheriff joe in arizona. that man runs a tight ship. >> he will be a prisoner himself. >> he puts the underwear in the desert. problem solved. >> i think it is a great currency. ramen is great. the products always take away. there is an orange mango zinger celeste y'all tea.
12:57 am
y they used to have a sesame oil. and it is gone. >> maybe they would have more food if these death row inmates were not pigging out in their last meals. >> excellent. see you tomorrow.
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